This is what I started with. An ebay find that will need a new look eventually.

This is where I want to build the frame. Set up inside here I can use it to make the body more rugged, as well as mount the FPV setup and future mods to it.

Using 1/8" x 1/2" aluminum strips for the rails, and 1/2 x 1/2 angled aluminum for the corner brackets, the main part of the frame started taking shape. I used metal shears to cut the aluminum. It made easy work of the material since I dont have a bandsaw.

This is the basic frame structure placed inside the shell. Now just to figure out where and how to mount it.

I decided to mount it using the screws and holes where the roll cage mounts to the shell. I will be upgrading the cage to metal eventually.

Because the RS10 body mounts are on the side (and do not reach wide enough for this body anyway), and because this body is setup for SCX-10 mounting I am starting to build to relocate to SCX-10 mounting locations. This is the start of that framework:

And then this framework inside the body

Then added rails to the RS10 inners, these will be multi-functional, theyre long to accomidate future FPV electronics and dedicated batteries.

Not the prettiest, but purpose built.

The final product:

She sits a little high at the moment, I liked it at first but it tips over too easily so I will be adjusting that!