RS10 Useful Info center

I am new to the RC world for the most part, and the RS10 is my first RC and crawler. As I learn useful things that I feel are good to know, or might help someone else with their RC, I will post them here. If nothing else it will be an easy place for me to look back to and get info I forgot... not that I forget.


Stock battery: 7.2v 1800mAh
While a usable battery, it definitely does not last long. It is very worthwhile to upgrade to a LiPo setup.

LiPo Upgrade Info
The RS10 in stock form can run a LiPo, but you have to be specific in what you buy, and you will need added electronics to upgrade and not kill your battery. This is a list of what you will need, and some links to some examples.

- LiPo Battery
               Basic Ebay search: 2S LiPo Battery
- Battery Monitor
               What I use: Venom LiPo monitor
- Matching connectors
               Ebay search: Tamya Connector
- LiPo charger
               Ebay search: 2S LiPo Charger

LiPo is "lithium-ion polymer battery", the stock is a NiMh or "nickel–metal hydride battery". Lipo batteries are more volatile, but you get more out of them, and they are safe if properly handled.

You will need a 2S or 2 cell battery, any higher and it will burn up your ESC.
The mAh rating on the battery is its size, a 1300mAh battery will give you 30-45 minutes of use, while a 5000mAh can give you 2 hours of use.
The last part of the battery is the C rating, the rate of discharge. you will see 20c, 30c, 40, etc on the battery. An easy way to think about this number is to think like horsepower, 20c is low horsepower while 60c is high horsepower. You will get a better response out of a higher C rating, while it does not necessarily drain your battery any faster.